Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Letter to My Son After His Last Day of Preschool

Dear Oliver,

Last Friday was your last day of preschool before summer break. Now is a good time to look back and celebrate all that you've accomplished since your first day of preschool.

At the beginning of the school year, you got around independently by crawling on your belly (i.e., "army crawling"). Now, you get around independently by walking! The only support you need is ankle/foot braces.

new braces, new shoes, andbonus!a balloon from the nice shoe salesperson

Your gross motor skills have blossomed in other ways, too. You can now climb up stairs independently (with effort). You can kick a ball, throw a ball, and pick up a ball (with effort). You can crawl on all fours. You can climb off a couch or out of your bed.

You can communicate in ways that you couldn't before. You can say "yeah," sign "all done," and give me objects to indicate what you wantyour jacket when you want to go outside, your shoes when you want to walk, or a book when you want me to read to you.

You can also now communicate using the Picture Exchange Communication Systema system that has enabled you to ask for specific toys, foods, and drinks, even when they're out of sight.

our PECS communication board at home

You can visually scan pages of a book to find images. For example, when I open up the book below and say "Where is the bird?", you scan the page until you find the bird, and then you point to it.

pages from the What a Wonderful World board book illustrated by Tim Hopgood
You can visually scan your environment to find things, too.

You've made friends at school. Earlier this school year you were having a hard time with "quiet" time. Hanging out with your classmate K helped you calm down. And you developed a lovely friendship with Ayou two held hands, giggled together, and even got into a bit of mischief one day, when you were playing some sort of clapping game when you were meant to be listening to your teacher read a book to the class.

You can match primary colors and simple shapes.

You've become more adept at holding markers and crayons, peeling stickers off sheets, and using a glue stick.

You're using your left hand more than you used to.

Your ability to imitate has improved as wellboth gross motor imitation and fine motor imitation. You happily participate in the movements that go with the song "If You're Happy and You Know It."

I'm very proud of you, sweet boy, and I'm eager to see what your second year of preschool will bring. (But more eager to spend some quality time with you this summer. :-) )


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