Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Goodnight Mom (a parody)

In her green bedroom
There was a mobile phone
And a glass of red wine
And a photo of

Her husband and son at a happy time

And there were three little tears stemming from fears

And two little pills
And some medical bills

And a little-too-long list
And a baby monitor, kissed

And a Nook and a dream and a bowl of ice cream
And a little voice in her head whispering 'sleep'

Goodnight rhyme
Goodnight time
Goodnight pic of happy time

Goodnight nightstand
And glass of red wine

Goodnight tears
Goodnight fears

Goodnight pills
And goodnight bills

Goodnight daily grind
And goodnight frazzled mind

Goodnight long list

Goodnight Nook
And goodnight dream
Goodnight glasses
Goodnight ice cream

And goodnight to the little voice 
     whispering 'sleep'

Goodnight home
Goodnight care
Goodnight mommas everywhere

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